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2 Drinks in 1 Bottle
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Hydration & Fueling Made Easier

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comfortable hand strap

Comfortable Hand Grip & Strap

A sport bottle must be comfortable to carry for many hours.

That's why our contoured hand grips are covered in smooth rubber. In addition, Swivel Bottle has custom soft, breathable, adjustable and machine-washable hand straps.

Leak-Proof One-Way Blast Caps

Leak-Proof One-Way Blast Caps

Leaky bottles are the worst!

Our easy-to-use BPA-free "Blast Caps" are super easy to drink from. Each cap has a one-way valve and is angled slightly to improve access.

Two Bottle Reservoirs

Two Bottle Reservoirs

Each 8-ounce bottle reservoir is squeezable, durable, & dishwasher safe. They're semi-transparent so you can check fluid levels.

Smooth Swivel Mechanism

Smooth Swivel Mechanism

The Swivel Bottle very easily rotates 360° in the palm of your hand, allowing you to quickly select your drink of choice. When fully assembled, the bottle is sturdy and feels like one solid unit.

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